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Herbal Tea Hair Rinse

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Try this herbal tea rinse for an eco-friendly way to remove buildup from your hair.
Great to use as a compliment to our shampoo and conditioner bars.
Set of 1 jar.
Made of a fragrant mix of: Flax Seed, Organic Hibiscus, Rose, Lavender, Organic Marshmallow Root, Organic Nettles, Organic Spearmint, Organic Horsetail, and Organic Calendula.
How to use:
Boil 8-12 oz water
Add 1-2 heaping tablespoons of tea to the muslin bag included
Steep covered 30 minutes
Once cooled, remove the tea bag and add two drops of essential oil if you like
Hit the shower, and after shampooing, slowly pour the tea thru your hair and massage your scalp. You can use a bowl below your head to catch the tea and repeat
Rinse or leave-in and towel dry your hair
Refrigerate leftovers and use within 4 days