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Lava Diffuser Bracelet

$25.00 $25.00

Take your favorite essential oils on the go with Wisdom's gorgeous lavalet oil diffuser bracelet. Its natural volcanic beads have an earthy, grounding vibe and act as porous sponges, absorbing essential oils deep into the bead for long-lasting scent release.

Handmade with love in AZ.

8mm lava beads

Lava in folklore has been said to be stabilizing and grounding, helping to calm emotions. Root Chakra.

To use as a diffuser, simply apply a drop or two of a diluted essential oil or blend to the beads and gently rub with a cotton swab and allow to absorb. Reapply as needed using the same or a different oil.

Dilute essential oils properly that come into contact with your skin.


Looks great stacked.

You can use it to replace perfumes and colognes.

Delivers yummy whiffs of my favorite EOs throughout the day.