San Miguel Work- Study Internship has embarked on a rewarding internship, with the assistance of the digital education non-profit, CCLAC and in collaboration with the San Miguel High School work-study program in Tucson.

San Miguel High School is a unique institution, preparing future leaders and part of the Cristo Rey network. The student composition is 91% Hispanic, 4% Native American, 3% African American, and 2% Caucasian. The work-study component helps fund the course of study and lays the foundation for the students' future careers. Some encouraging stats:

- San Miguel students have a 97% graduation rate and 100% college acceptance rate
- 68% of students go on to attend a 4-year college
- 89% of students were the first in their families to attend college

Our remote student intern has helped with a range of tasks from product upload, retouching images with Photoshop, creating social media content in Canva, designing emails in Klavyio, and writing blog posts on a wide range of topics related to eco-friendly living and self-care.

We are thrilled to give back by supporting the digital education of a young woman, preparing her for the working world. Nicole is naturally inclined to marketing and e-commerce and has picked up the skillset very fast! These skills will be of great benefit to her as she starts her future career in marketing or decides to launch a business.

Read more about her experience below, and watch an interview on the topic, moderated by's Marketing Manager, Marta:

 Our Intern's perspective on the experience:

This internship has absolutely changed my life. I gained a sense of confidence that I was trying to gain all throughout high school. Before, a remote opportunity would have scared me because I wouldn't have my supervisor near me for help. But through this experience, my perspective has changed. I may not live in the same state as my supervisor but I still receive the same amount of guidance I would get elsewhere. You learn how to communicate in a different form. I would say my communication with Monica is wonderful! If I have questions, I simply email her. The possibility of having a zoom meeting in order to answer my questions is always there. I feel really comfortable asking questions which was something I struggled with before.
Although I did have other internships in the past, none of them compare to this one. Through this internship, I have discovered what I want to do post-high school. For the past 3 years, I would continuously get asked "what are you going to major in after high school?" This question invoked so much stress and anxiety. I had no idea what I wanted to do. Individuals automatically assumed I had an idea because of the experiences I have had in past internships. I was extremely lucky that for the past 3 years, I always received internships that I enjoyed. But despite me enjoying them, I knew I never wanted to pursue a career in that field. I was gaining experience but I was not growing towards a better me as I am now. Because of this amazing opportunity, I can finally say I will major in Marketing with a minor in Entrepreneurship. All of the tasks I do will pay off in the future. These tasks are helping me learn which will benefit me in the long run because I hope to have my own business one day.

- Nicole


Please visit CCLAC and San Miguel's Internship Program to learn more about these outstanding organizations doing good in their local community.