Can this Plastic Bag be Recycled?

Can this Plastic Bag be Recycled?

Everyone is encouraged to recycle in order to help the environment. But sometimes it can get confusing for all of us. You may find yourself asking whether a certain item can be recycled or not. We often make our own assumptions to determine whether an item can enter the recycling bin. Although you think you are helping, sometimes a simple mistake can contaminate the other items in the bin.

Plastic bags are an item that causes a lot of confusion.

Many think they are recyclable, which they are. But there are certain bags we should not be recycling in ordinary household recycling bins. Here are a few things you should avoid… 

  1. Do not add compostable bags to the recycling bin. Although these bags are great to help the environment, they are not meant to be recycled. They can be composted in your backyard compost pile, or through a composting facility.
  2. Do not add frozen food bags to your recycling pile. These often contain food preservatives which again lead to contamination of the other items. 
  3. Avoid chip bags and candy wrappers

When it is time to recycle your items, make sure that:

  1. There is not any leftover food residue. Make sure the item is completely clean. 
  2. Be sure to remove any paper labels, stickers, etc. 

If you are still concerned that you may not be recycling correctly, do not worry! Check your local supermarket to see if there are plastic bag recycling drop bins. You can also check on websites like Plastic film recycling or Earth 911 to find bins near you where you can drop off your plastic bags. Another option is purchasing TerraCycle’s plastic recycling box.

On behalf of the planet, we thank you. This can be a complicated task at times but your determination to learn helps Mother Earth! And where possible, Reduce and Reuse.

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