Staff Round-Up: Nicole's Favorite Products

Staff Round-Up: Nicole's Favorite Products

Our intern, Nicole, shares her favorite products!

Hi friend! I live in Tucson, AZ. I am a San Miguel High School intern which means I am 17, almost 18! Life has been pretty busy as I continue to apply to universities and scholarships. On top of that, I am also doing schoolwork, all while I start applying to jobs. I want to start making my own money. Although I am always up to something, I love having me time. Making time for self-care is key to me. On, there are so many natural products that are amazing for self-care. Of course, there are other household items that are essential. Today I will share my favorite products, lets get started!


Nectar Republic Apothecary Candle – Rose Sandalwood

I absolutely love candles! There's something so relaxing and comforting inside of a candle that creates the perfect ambiance in rooms. Fun fact: I cannot live in a messy room, so I am always cleaning. Right after I finish cleaning I love to turn on a candle. And what better than this Nectar Republic Candle that has a burn time of 120 hours. Your room will smell amazing.


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Upcircle Organic Vegan Argan Powder Face Moisturizer

Although I have really oily skin, I love moisturizing. It is crucial step to have in your skin care routine. I promise that once you start using moisturizer everyday, your life will change for the better. This moisturizer is perfect because it is meant for all skin types! It is also rich in antioxidant Vitamin E which will help reduce any puffiness in the face as well as any dark spots you might have. 

Upcircle Moisturizer


Lavander Essential Oil Doggie Wipes – 20 Ct.

Me and my family love our furry friends. However, sometimes they get really dirty. Wipes like the Herban Essentials Doggie Wipes are key essentials. You can clean your furry friend and an amazing lavender essential oil scent will be left behind.

Natural Dog Wipes

Nectar Republic Lavender Chamomile: Bath Soak Tube

After a long day, you want to relax. These bath soak tubes are perfect for that! Especially now that we are leaving our house less, we need that extra time to relax. The bath tubes allow you to create a spa treatment at home. Not to mention, this tube has notes of lavender, chamomile, and sandalwood which all help to relieve stress and promote relaxation. You deserve time for yourself!

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Wisdom Lavalet Howlite Diffuser Bracelet

One thing about me is that I love stacking my bracelets. I always have bracelets on 24/7. This bracelet is really special because it diffuses essential oils. Not only will it look great on its own or stacked, but it gives you whiffs of your favorite essential oils throughout the entire day. Not to mention, Wisdom Body & Soul is a woman owned company based from Tucson, Arizona!

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Bonnie Jennifer Evil Eye 14k Gold-Filled Bracelets – 2 Ct.

Like I had mentioned before, I love stacking my bracelets. However, most of them are evil eye bracelets. At all times I have 2 evil eye bracelets on that I do not take off at all. I have several others that I put on when I leave the house. Because of this, I found it obvious to mention these 14k gold evil eye bracelets from Bonnie Jennifer! You could keep these on all the time because they are so chic and simple which make it easy to wear with anything. They can be stacked with other bracelets or you can wear it solo. Regardless, they look amazing. Bonnie Jennifer is also a woman owned small business based from NYC.

Evil Eye Bracelet

It was hard to choose which items to mention because there are so many products that are worth mentioning on! However, these are by far my favorite. The majority of the items I mentioned are self care items, jewelry, or daily essentials. But I know that as I grow up, I will be a lot more interested in household items. I think everyone should try out these products for themselves because you will fall in love with them! We all deserve to spoil ourselves here and there, so start today!