Natural Skincare Routine

Natural Skincare Routine

I’m blessed to come from a family with beautiful and oily skin – which is one of the main reasons our skin stays glowy. But for the most part, I approach my skincare routine with the aim of protecting and nourishing my skin with natural ingredients.

  • My nighttime routine is to wash my face with Black Ash Soap, and then gently apply organic Castor Oil, Almond or Vitamin E Oil over my face, neck, and décolleté.Super rich and absorbing, upon waking, these oils give my skin a moisturized, rested and plumped look
  • I wear a floppy hat and sunglasses when at the beach or in the sun for extended periods of time (though I enjoy getting 15 minutes of full sun a day, for the vitamin D and mood benefits. But, the rest of the time I prefer shade!)
  • Drink lots of water - easily a gallon per day
  • Enjoy an organic vegetable smoothie on a regular basis
  • Take an L-proline vitamin for collagen production and to strengthen and repair ligaments (this vitamin helped me reverse an old yoga knee injury)
  • Though I started using Eye Cream at 18 (ha!), in recent years, I simply use the natural oils all over my face, including on my eye area. I find that they work better than most anti-aging creams
  • Lastly, I use a rose quartz guasha to sculpt my jawline and cheekbones and a roller to gently massage my face, assisting in lymphatic drainage, leading to a less puffy appearance. You can purchase a set here - you won't regret it!

My main goal is to protect and hydrate the skin. I hope this natural approach, commonsense to skincare will help me to have healthy, beautiful skin as I age.

Here’s to healthy, joyful aging for all of us! What is your skincare routine?

Please consult with your health care practitioner before trying the suggestions in this post.

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