5 Easy Changes, to Start On Your Zero Waste Journey

5 Easy Changes, to Start On Your Zero Waste Journey

2020 has been a strange year that has brought forward a lot of changes to our lives. Despite all of these changes, good things have come from this. We have all adapted to live life in a way that we were not used to. On top of that, many are taking the initiative to change their lives in order to help the environment. People have taken on a zero-waste lifestyle which you can also achieve.

This way of living allows you to be more aware of what you use in your daily life, which ultimately leads you to decrease the amount of waste you produce. You cannot fully achieve a zero-waste lifestyle overnight. It is a journey that needs to be broken down into steps. You need to start small.

Just because you decide to embark on this journey, it does not mean that you throw out everything that is not zero-waste. Use things you own, like plastic containers, straws, water bottles, etc. until the end of their life cycle. After you have done that, you can slowly transition into buying eco-friendly products. Although this does seem like a process, you can start to make changes today!  

  1. You can begin to use reusable bags. These can be found in your local supermarket. But you can also create and customize your own reusable bags by making them out of old t-shirts. This will allow you to stop using plastic grocery bags. 
  2. You can start to recycle and reuse. 
  3. Start to think more consciously about what you buy. Do you really need this or are you overbuying? Make sure you really need this certain item. This also applies when you get a business card or a free gift from a business that is giving items out. Are you going to use this? If the answer is no, you can stop yourself and kindly say no. 
  4. Less is more. Using a little bit of dish soap goes a long way. Stop overusing items you own like toothpaste, shampoo, etc. This will help you use an item for a longer period of time instead of continuously throwing it out. 
  5. Again, choose eco-conscious household items. Ditch the plastic containers and invest in steel containers. Get yourself a reusable water bottle. If you need straws, use metal straws. These are just a few ideas, but there are so many zero-waste friendly items that you will find beneficial on your journey to becoming earth’s ally. 

No matter how small these changes may seem, they are improving your life and the environment in a positive way. This is a process that might take a while, but do not overwhelm yourself! Do not compare your zero-waste journey to another individual’s path. There is no timeline as to when you need to fully achieve this lifestyle. Be proud of the steps you take, no matter how small. And remember to be kind to yourself.

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