How to Give Back This Holiday Season

How to Give Back This Holiday Season

There is so much to be grateful for this year.

2020 has been such a strange year for us all. The unthinkable occurred and our lives were put on pause. At the same time, it was a blessing in disguise. We were forced to slow down. We all live such fast-paced lives which often leads us to forget about the most important things in life. Sometimes we base our happiness on materialistic things. But during this year, we all received a reminder on what was truly important.

I am so blessed that during this time, all of my loved ones, and I were healthy. My heart goes out to those who were personally affected by this pandemic. A lot of individuals were affected financially. As the holiday seasons arrive, people, continue to struggle. Right now, is a perfect time to give back to those in need.

To some, the holiday season is so exciting and wonderful. To others, the holiday seasons bring sadness as they are separated from their loved ones or cannot give them a lot. With the ongoing pandemic, it does put some limitations on how we can give back – but it is so important to continue to reach out our hands to others, to offer help.

Here are a few ways we can give back: 

  1. Donate time or money to your local shelter or soup kitchen. They are always in need. It’ll help you restore your balance and it will also help you appreciate everything in your life so much more. And at the end of the day, it is for a great cause. 
  2. Give a financial donation to a charity of your choice in honor of someone special. The slightest contribution to a charity you believe in will change the lives of others in ways you cannot imagine. 
  3. Donate blood! It is such an easy way to give back while saving lives. This is such a special gift that helps improve the health of others. 
  4. Encourage your workplace to participate in a fundraiser. By fundraising, not only do you get to spread awareness about something you are deeply passionate about. But you can also make a financial impact. 
  5. Spread kindness! This is possibly one of the easiest ways you can give back. Being kind costs $0. You have no idea how being kind to others will brighten another person’s day. We are all going through something so let us all be kind! 

This is just a shortlist of ways we can give back. Giving back, even in the slightest ways, can help so much. Live in gratitude for what is good in your life. Stay positive during this holiday season!

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Happy Holidays!