Why We Need Sustainable Seafood

Why We Need Sustainable Seafood

In order to ensure sustainable fisheries into the future, we need to act now. The next time we go to our local grocery store, we can ask “Do you sell sustainable seafood?” It is such a simple – but powerful – question, one that we can even ask at restaurants.

You can also help by obtaining the seafood guide for the state you live in. All 50 states have their own seafood guide to help shoppers know which seafood products are best when it comes to sustainable buying. This guide is split into three categories:

  1. Best Choices: This is a shopper’s best option. This seafood is farmed and caught in a responsible manner which means they are managed well. We should lean towards this option before moving down the list. 
  2. Good Alternatives: This is an alternative in case you can’t find any of the “Best Choices” in your supermarket. However, we should be aware that there are concerns when it comes to how this seafood is caught and managed.
  3. Avoid: This option should definitely be a last resort – or off the menu altogether. The seafood in this category is overfished and practices related to its fishing may be harming the environment and marine wildlife. 

Learning about the critical state of our marine environment can be frightening, but knowledge is power. Read up and take action now to ensure that future generations can enjoy the bounty and beauty of our natural world. By choosing sustainable seafood, we can truly make a big impact. Do not underestimate the power you hold. Together we can achieve anything!

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